Environmental policy


We continue to bet on renewable energies
with the installation of 100 solar panels.

Our environmental commitment

Since its inception ACEROLED has wanted to convey its concern and care for the environment and especially for the cost and impact that energy production has on our planet. That is why since the transfer of the company to its current facilities, it opted for an energy source such as wind, having a 3Kwh wind turbine.

Far from stopping there, ACEROLED has embarked on an ambitious commitment to continue with renewable energies through a project funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU, for the installation of 100 solar panels. This photovoltaic installation covers an area of approximately 220m2 on the roof of our factory and represents a capacity of 45.0 kWp, with each panel providing 455 peak watts. This allows us to have clean, green, and renewable energy of about 48.0 kWp in our factory, which will help us in the decarbonization of the energy we need, thus improving air quality and the environment.

Our numbers

In total, the calculations indicate that our current annual consumption is about 56,939 kWh and the plant will be able to produce a total of 47,733 kWh which will allow us to reduce 75.57% per year of consumption derived from non-renewable energies. The production will vary according to the months, in the periods with more hours of light and better atmospheric conditions it will provide us with about 90% of the consumption, while in the periods with fewer hours it will provide us with about 50%.

But in addition to the savings in the electricity bill, the advantage of this commitment to renewable energies is that it will reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, the calculations in the first tests indicate that about 14 tons of carbon dioxide will no longer be produced per year and will allow us to increase our production without this affecting a higher cost in CO2 emissions so harmful to our planet.

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